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Gifted & Talented

Tami Dodson

Tami Dodson

JHC Librarian; District Gifted & Talented Coordinator

Computer Science Information

UK Computer Science Department

Robo Challenge

Engineering At UK

College of Engineering

Kentucky Science & Technology Corporation (KSTC)

International Programs
UK College of Agriculture, Food & environment



idea pics WKU Downing Student Union


Online February 17, 2021

Idea Festival Youtube Speakers


WKU Super Saturday

Virtual Fall Super Saturdays 

September & October Dates

Activities for students in grades 1 through 6



Kentucky Association for Gifted Education Resources


 Summer Opportunities in Kentucky

of Interest to

Gifted and Talented  Students

compiled by the


Summer Actitives in Kentucky 




Parents & Members Advocating For the Gifted


The Center for Gifted Studies

Legal Authorization for Gifted Education Services

Kentucky offers gifted education services for identified students across all grade levels.  Primary students are screened and selected as high potential learners and students in grades  4-12 are formally identified for services in general intellectual aptitude, specific academic aptitude, creative or divergent thinking, psychosocial or leadership skills, and/or visual and performing arts. These children are identified and provided services based on criteria outlined in 704 KAR 3:285. 


Berta Seminar October 2020



PsychologistThe Amend Group provides comprehensive psychological services including assessment and evaluation, consultations, counseling, and therapy for children, adolescents, and their families.



Support for Emotional Need of Children  
SENG Library

Online Support Groups​​​​

Gifted Children



Student Service and Opportunities 


MENSA For Kids-Intellectual Curiosity


Bright Child vs Gifted Child

Dr. Brandy Maynard Discusses the Bright Child Vs. Gifted child


Understanding the Underachieving Gifted Student

What is Twice-Exceptional and Gifted?


Twice-Exceptional (2e)

Famous People



April Autism Awareness


Kelly Autism Program


Autism Society


University of Louisville Training Center


Workshops for Family Groups


Autism Speaks